Garbage – Automatic Systematic Habit (Single)

 After a hiatus of over 7 years, Garbage is back with some new material! Although tracks like “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Parade” are still played on the radio and have even made it onto video games past their time of release, for some reason or another the band decided to up and quit for quite some time. With electronic-based rock songs that almost sound as if they could have been released just the other day, Garbage has passed the test of time-aged rockers and proven that only the best can quit at the top, and now come back later for a little more glory.

“Automatic Systematic Habit” is one of two singles to be released slightly before the bands returning full-length album “Not Your Kind Of People” later this week. The title single a wonderful transitional piece to show the further forward-thinking of the band that has been ahead of their peers throughout their whole career, it plays out like a poppy raw rock M83 track with major Garbage undertones and feels like a message saying “We’re back, but better!” The second single, “Blood For Poppies” is a more original Garbage tune with laid back verses reminiscent of M.I.A and a great grunge chorus counterpart. The two tracks leave much to the imagination for the new album, and with 13 more tracks to be heard, we hope you’re just as A.V.S!

Watch the Official Garbage preview film for “Automatic Systematic Habit” here!

Listen to “Blood For Poppies” here!


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