Silversun Pickups – Does The Panic Switch Have An “Off” Mode?..

 After the initial fame of “Lazy Eye“, I, among the masses that were exposed to the dangerous amount of the song, was hooked on a little band named Silversun Pickups. The “Carnavas” L.P. was full and filled with mad guitar skills, smooth bass lines, unique beats and a wide variety of sound augmentation that were all delivered with elegance and grace, unfortunately, if you’re the radio riders of today you probably haven’t heard more than one track off it. As with their newer album “Swoon“, radio stations have just about made me hate a couple of the best songs by SSPU with no better reason than…..

Before the huge success of their first full length album, Silversun Pickups let loose a mighty collection of seven tracks entitled the “Pikul” E.P. and with it, some of their best delivered chops to date. From ‘Kissing Families’ to ‘All The Go Inbetweens’, the short album is filled to the brim in pretty unique and more experimental songs than the two post-released albums, but still maintains a very distinct and proud Silversun Backbone. So in the event that you as well are growing tired of the same ol’ panic, switch it up with this great early E.P. as opposed to the radio tracks, a substitution is always interesting no?

Listen to Silversun Pickups “Kissing Families” from their “Pikul” E.P. here!

Listen to a full YouTube playlist of Silversun Pickups “Pikul” here!


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