AKW – For No One

 Whether it’s the softness in the words, the sharpness in emotion, or the countless other unique aspects of a woman’s voice that makes for great music, it’s definitely a lot more hit than miss. Some of my personal favorite songs are front-lined by women simply because it’s a woman’s touch that can make a song better more so than any filter or effect could ever come close to. Happy I am on the days I get to cover a band like Los Angeles‘ very own AKW, one that sets new standards for not only great music, but rockin’ chicks leading the cause.

For No One‘, the new album from the L.A. duo is a great mix of solid tracks from varying influences. Stand-outs of the record include ‘My Little Drum’, a happy and more uplifting track with heavy Tennis and The Submarines undertones, ‘Little Room’ which sports a 90’s grunge feel without going full Garbage in spirit, and ‘Lost In The Changing’, a slower and spacey song with hints of Sea Wolf. The album is collectively very strong and plays through nearly seemless.

AKW’s new record boasts a very wide range of jams that can bring one up from sorrow or slow the pace with musical grace, all the while staying fresh and never losing beat. Alex Wisner is an excellent vocalist and more than sports her talent throughout ‘For No One’ without much effort. The new album has the A.V.S. stamp of approval, and with their fanbases to grow, we hope to see AKW post some upcoming tour dates in the near future.

Listen to AKW’s new album “For No One” on their official BandCamp here!


Watch the Music Video for AKW’s “Lost In The Changing” available now here!

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